You don’t Need Money to Start Your Business

.You don’t need money to start your business! Watch this video!

You have the desire to start your own business, but you think money is your limitation. As someone who makes her own money, I know that you start your business without money.

If you wish to start your own business, and you have no money to start the business, there are things you need to understand and apply.

 How to start your business without money

how to start a business without money

Below are 4 secrets to starting your business without money.

Money is not the first thing you need

If you want to join a football team for the first time, what do you think they will give you first? Football or football training? Of course, they will give you a football training first before they allow you on the pitch to play football. If you give a young man who has never played in any football league football to play in a league, I tell you that he young man will either make his team lose the football match or he will make too many mistakes that he will be pulled from the pitch. Now, no coach wants to risk their winning a game in the hands of a rookie with no experience. The same thing can be applied in the business world, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you don’t have business skills, business mindset and money management skills, you will not survive in the business world.

Don’t overrate the importance of money in business

Don’t overrate the importance of money in business, money is just one aspect of the business. First off, focus on the skills you need to build and manage your business. First of all read books on marketing, leadership, pricing, negotiation, human relationship, money management, cash flow system, business strategies. If you have not read at least 100 books on business, who told you that you can succeed in the business even with a million dollars?


Start with services and digital products

I have heard people list tons of tools they need to start their business. However, most will probably cost plenty of money. This cost usually runs into hundreds of thousands and they don’t have the money. I have always believed there is an easier way to start and build and this is through maximizing your SmartPhone by offering services and digital products. So when you want to start a business and you have no money, the first thing you need to do is look at yourself. What services can you offer with just your phone or laptop (if you have one)?


Focus on the most important business assets:

Every business has the most important business assets it needs to run, function and thrive, you need to focus on them. Look at your business plan again, with fresh eyes, most likely you don’t need 90 per cent of what is in your business plan. The first mistake people make when they want to start a business is to try to get everything right from the beginning. Take for example: if the first thing you want to do when you want to start a business is rent an executive office, then you have got it wrong. If you want to get a sophisticated website first, well you are off the track and you might not really start.

Sell your brain online:

There is one easy way to start your business with no money. Sell your knowledge online through information marketing, digital products like ebooks and videos etc. It cost almost nothing to sell your knowledge online because the platforms are already there for you. You can monetize Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, twitter by selling what you know. Growing an online presence takes time but you have the time. Instead of wasting time thinking of what is not working or worrying about little or no funds why don’t you build an online presence with that time. The world has become a global village whereby relevance is equated to visibility online. You need to be seen online to be noticed as a brand. Also, you need to be seen as relevant before your brand can be trusted.

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