There are more than 200 money making strategies and avenues in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain space. But only a few are knowledgeable about them.

Hear me… Look beyond trading.  If you don’t have any idea of what am talking contact me here.

There’s so much money in CRYPTO…   Trading is  even the least money making strategy.


There are some things you may not learn in a conference or seminar about crypto and Blockchain, but you will learn them by observation. Most things in this Blockchain space are learned by observation, but many observe nothing. Hence, if you want to be successful in this space you need to be observant.

There are some things I have done not by any coaching or anything but just By observation.

Observation is one of the keys to crypto wealth success and exploits. Some persons are in different groups just waiting for signals and they are observing nothing.

90% of things I learnt in this Blockchain space is by observation..

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 Many are waiting for when to have a personal schedule with me after all I have taught them yet they got nothing, no observation.

Let me tell you, no one in this CRYPTO space will ever ever tell you his secrets. Whether in CRYPTO trading, coding, Blockchain, and so many other subsidiaries.

They will only give you principles but will never tell you the main thing. Most persons will tell you that hardworking is very important but will never tell you the secrets.

See there are things prepared in this space, if you know them they will automatically distinguish you. The things prepared in this space can never be revealed by conferences, seminars, workshops, meet-ups, etc.

This is not about bragging but they lie within me and some of the secrets of Blockchain and CRYPTO also.

I stopped being a salary earner since 2014, Blockchain technology changed my life till date.

Let me tell you… They can take all away from you (Money, properties etc) but what you know will surely distinguish you no matter what.

You can never take away the knowledge and wisdom embedded in a man or woman.

Its not all about knowing but ability to execute what you know matters a lot.

There’s a password to every business and are not revealed easily.

Remember, what works in Nigeria may not work in canada. If you if you ask someone he or she will tell you the much he or she knows.

I learn from every sphere of life. Whether good or bad… They are all my friends..  I learnt how to setup mining machines for crypto and coding in 2015, and the person that thought me was kind of a little bit psychic.

There are some things if revealed to you will distinguish your approach in this crypto space or any business.

There are things you need to look into this crypto space, that if you know will cause you to break forth.


In all the conferences, seminars and others you have been attending to, how many have you applied practical approach to?

Many things are beyond human comprehension in this crypto space; it’s not all about social media ranting but at least a working system should speak more.

If I reveal some stuffs in crypto here, many will be amazed. I don’t bother myself in anything I venture into because I get answers “sharp sharp” like the speed of light. I learnt so many things and I get so many business ideas by observation; and I am not into a lot of them.

I always observe.

The rule of observation does not only apply to crypto, but to all businesses too.

Even in this crypto space some people are broke and cover up likewise others are rich.

There are so many ideas in the blockchain space but every body is going into trading. More than 250 subsidiaries exist in the crypto space.

For example, in Nigeria everyone is focused on crude oil; my state Is the largest oil producer in Nigeria yet the youths are wallowing along the streets of Port Harcourt. However, there are more than 5000 by-product of crude oil.

Everyone needs to focus… I have outlined the industries Blockchain will disrupt and only few knows this.

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 In this crypto Space, never procrastinate. There are some ideas that you will comw up with and you will take ur world by storm.

Never do anything because you see someone doing it. Learn to do your own differently.

Remove trading today most crypto enthusiast won’t have anything to offer.

You can’t use another man’s headlamp to drive your car.

Don’t focus all your energy on  trading.

Credit: Ifeanyi Ezenwaogene, CEO of CRYPTOFORTUNE

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