MAKE SMART MONEY WITH CRYPTOCURRENCY – $500 to 5 million dollars with 10 coins | IFEANYI EZENWAOGENE

While people slept more than 300% have been made.


Do you know you can make $5 million dollars in 10 months? With only $500 into this 5 Cryptos each,  it could make you $5 million dollars. You can make a lot of millions via this crypto if you follow my instructions closely.

Remember when I predicated the bitcoin boom of 2017, The crypto winter in 2018 and The bitcoin big move in 2019. For those who knew me back then, you must have made a lot of money. The most profitable advisory on crypto has come out of Cryptofortune.

Guys, $500 into these coins will change your life forever, this is a new millionaire making opportunity I’m bringing to the table; if you follow my simple instructions.

We have an opportunity that can make you a millionaire in 300-500 days from today.  I may be controversial but if you miss this knowledge, you will miss a lot in this Space, there are people who have seen far beyond things. Many people in this Space do not have the kind of access I do. Many do not have the kind of network that I have.

Guys this is a wealth phenomenon that is about to hit the crypto space and it happens once every 4 years, its going to be huge, it’s going to be awesome.

You will never see this wonderful opportunity again if you miss it now, I know what am talking about.  Please I am not a god in crypto.. I am just privileged to know some things and be with the right contacts in this CRYPTO space.



Imagine your life changing in 10 months – 24 months from now,  it may sound funny but if you miss it now,  you will have to wait for the next 4 years to grab another crypto opportunity like this.. That’s till 2023. This is 100% guaranteed that it will happen, I can assure you all right now NOW that this will happen.. I’m suppose to be sleeping right now, but am using it to talk to you all, not to miss this opportunity of these few coins that will change your life forever with just $500 investment into them.

Like I said its 100% sure!

This will create massive bull run in crypto. The last time it happened was 2016. Right now am streaming live as am writing to you all..

The last crypto phenomenon then experienced this bull run in the 5 Coins I called then back then in 2016. We were only few then And we all made profits.

The greatest VCs in the world haven’t seen this profit before. The next time I will be talking this.. Even the very good crypto will not do this much.. Why this coins am saying will do well is because of some insider information I *Ifeanyi Michael* has gotten mine.

There are things that will happen in which I have known that will create irrational spikes on these coins oooo. 97% of this coins have done 300-1500% profit in last few weeks. Irrational prices will create this phenomenon..The best window of opportunities to take is right now . we won’t see it again till 2024. The phenomenon won’t   happen again till 2024 and many will miss it.

Even Forbes have confirmed this phenomenon guys.  Everyone knows what this platform stands for *Crypto fortune* if you aren’t making a fortune out if it then this is not the right place for you. Because you can be at the right place at the wrong time.

If you miss this opportunity don’t blame anyone at all because this awesome phenomenon is what few people understood…

 I am presenting you the best opportunity no one in this crypto space will do..

 Let me show you what will happen.. While this number 1 phenomenon is bound to happen. The best window opportunity is now. If you miss it today then its gonna be till 2024. CRYPTO wealthy billionaires are preparing for it. The name of my number one coin I will be giving it to you guys for free..  Few people are talking about this and only few understand it. I don’t brag but my words and predictions never fail.


Well like I said guys I may not be here forever and make use of every opportunity while it last, because you may not see me here forever, a lot calling for me.. The demand for bitcoin right now is so high. If you have the right facts, you will scale through in this crypto space. This is the chart of bitcoin in 2011 before the phenomenon happens. I will be displaying proves for you guys.


In November 2012 after the first phenomenon.. This happened, More than 7976% profit was made

Bitcoin went an up time high. This is how this new phenomenon will happen.. Its not a prediction am making.. Am talking of a 100% assurance that will happen and *IFEANYI* knows the exact it will happen but am not gonna say it now. You all need to position yourself, Am not gonna reveal the information to the whole world . only few gonna get it.

Markets are driven by sentiments.. I guess u all know What am telling you guys will surely happen. And I may not be here for a while… Because a lot are calling for me right now, so many great things in this space.

98% of people will miss this… Been awake for more than 3 days now with some crypto folks and I know what I have gotten.

The time to learn more is here

This is gonna sound Crazy but I guarantee you that you may not see this again . The biggest beneficial for this phenomenon are  going to come from markets no one knows about.. If you are smart you will put one or two together and grab what am saying.

The biggest boom in these coins are from projects no one knows about or projects being ignored by people And Their market cap will jump to 5 billion dollars to $100 billion dollars. I am talking of becoming a multi billionaire in dollars from this tiny coins Ifeanyi is talking about.

 Just $500 investment into this Cryptos will change your life forever..  And after this month of *October* am not gonna talk about this coins or reveal it again to anyone,, no matter who the Person is.


I’m speaking from experience, I personally watched a $300 investment get to $1 million dollars in a Year and 6 months

12000% on ripple

1600% on Lisk

11,000 on Ethereum

11000% on Ethereum

I predicted the Crypto winter last year before we all experienced it. A lot of things will happen soon and we shall see massive profits in days to come o. A lot of people here know my story.. I decided to help people in this crypto Space, if not I won’t have a WhatsApp group to accommodate everyone from every spec of life… Thats why am bringing another opportunity in which $500 investment you make right now into these coins will change your life forever.

This is incredible.. And the gains I see coming from this phenomenon have never been predicted, I mean never been predicted By any man born of a woman in this crypto space. I will only give out 2 coins for free in this channel but the others will be paid..  And I know why I am talking about this. The last phenomenon was 2017 and those who knew me then will surely testify what am taking about. Most coins u are seeing on the market will all fail. Lemme tell you guys.. Eeeeeeh mark my word soon and soonest you may not see me here always again..

Meanwhile my number 1 subsector crypto is 283,150% profit, so what *IFEANYI* is saying is $500 will turn to $1.4 million dollars And there will be an explosion; From 2 million dollar Market cap to 2 billion market cap. So many people Miss opportunities like this, because they dont have the knowledge to go find them.

$500 investment into another coin will give $1.7 million dollars.

The coin was trading at 0.0005$ and then went an up time high of $1.80, so $500 investment into the coin will give 1.7million dollars. I remember telling friends about this and they all ignored and over looked it and till now they are regretting.


 There are some information you will get, no matter what you can never be poor.  I remember back 2014-2015 there about when i was done with university, I stumbled into crypto 2012-2013 back in university days and I know massive profits was on it, I discovered some secrets, that was the day I shook my head and said I will never work for anyone and till today that word stands and I can’t work for anyone again no matter what.. Well all that matters in life is knowledge, theirs what u will know, you will live beyond your country economy

I am not against working for people or people who do white collar jobs but you can never be wealthy with it, you can do your own research. Even $100 into this coins can change your life forever. Cryptofortune the number crypto financial adviser and educator from Africa to the rest of the world

Let me show you guys just a little info. There’s only one line you all need to pay attention to and thats where all the money is.

Those who were in Abuja meetup will remember what I showed them via crypto mining with command prompt. Let me ask you guys a question.

What happens to the value of an asset when the supply decreases and the demand is high??? Well you can private chat me your answers. This halving protocol of bitcoin will be a stepping stone…


Let me give you guys a date.. If you can remember it then good and fine..  See eeeh *May 24th 2020* a lot will happen in this space.. Things won’t remain the same and if you don’t catch it now, from *Second week of November 2019* it will be very very late.

I know a lot of stuffs which I may or may not reveal, Am making such a big deal with some big firms. I know why am making such big deal with all these companies calling for me.. See eeeh if you knew half of the world gold supply will disappear, what will you do???

To me I will call my broker..The remaining of the half of gold will go to the moon.

 Based on my research if you don’t act today you will miss more than 16 million dollars. The sub sectors of Cryptos are massive.

 Remember I am talking about 10 coins to 10 million dollars with $500 investment into them. 8 months coming will be massive. Be patient and stay with my analysis. The next move gonna be massive

 $500 investment will yield $350,000 dollars

The marketcap goes insane, From 14 million to 11 billion dollars market cap. For 3 days now I have been on meeting upon meeting upon events.. There are millions of dollars on the line if you don’t act now

Before the last halving, This my 7th pick will do much.

Market cap went from $5 million dollars to $5 billion dollars hence If you don’t act now you will miss a lot of millions on the the table. Now, that may be too aggressive for just a few months away, so we project a $100 million GDV, run rate three years from now, which we think is more conservative.

Assuming the average burn rate of (Ifeanyi’s coin) remains the same,  *Ifeanyi* mysterious coin would need to be priced at $1.92. (The burn rate is the amount of a token taken out of circulation.)

*That’s a 519% gain from current prices.* Ultimately, we think that’s way too conservative.

Based on the growth in users, we’ve upgraded our estimates from our original report. We now think

three years from now,  Ifeanyi coin could be processing as much as $10 billion in payments annually.

That might seem far-fetched, but it’s actually quite conservative. Consider that Mastercard processes $6 trillion worth of transactions every year. Assuming $10 billion in payments annually,

But remember: When the halving hits, crypto prices go nuts to the upside. When I recommended Ethereum, I said it would hit $360 in about three years. That was before I fully understood the power of the “halving.” I mentioned that because during the last halving, ether went from $0.30 to over $1,400 in about a year and change. That was 4x higher than my initial estimate. If we see the same thing happen again, that would indicate Ifeanyi mysterious coin could trade as high as $760.92 per coin.

That’s a 245,358%-plus gain from today’s prices. Under this scenario, a $500 investment would be worth $1,226,790 dollars.

Well if you miss this opportunity, you will have to wait for the next 4yrs again to get it. Guys 8 months from now.. Its gonna be massive.

Like I said after this October am not gonna talk about it again.. Now my 9th coin gonna be massive

You can can transform with $500 but the timing has to be right… That’s why *Ifeanyi* is here

My crypto number 9 pick has a lot of huge profit.

My 9th pick coin… Guy $500 investment gives you $4 Million dollar.. No one in Africa will give you this crypto secret..A lot is happening now .  very soon you all may not see me here again, but a representative gonna be here to take care of every activities of Cryptofortune.. It has already done 12900%..  But it gonna soar more.. There will be a massive bull run on the coin..

Just think about it.. $500 becomes 10 and half million dollars

Guys eeeeh if you total all this now,  that’s $500 into all this 10 coins will give $16.2 million dollars

So guys a lot to happen a lot of money to be made.

Am getting into wall street involvement soon that’s why I said I may not be here.

 Institutions right Now are depositing a lot of money into crypto. I research a lot and I know what’s happening in this crypto space. $200- $400 million dollars are being deposited into crypto every week and this is coming from institutional customers.

I love dealing with proofs, If you are here when I told u guys about this information u would have made huge profit. I said it a month ago for you guys to rush it, only a few here did and they are now on profits.


One of these CRYPTO is being used by Dell, American express, Dropbox, Blue chip companies, Microsoft and others.. I know the creator of this particular Crypto but I can’t tell u guys who he is because folks on the internet are too smart  and they will try to figure out which coin it is if I mention his name now.

I am being careful of what I say, But he created a coin before and it did great.. The coin was upto gold standard and it was awesome, he took it from 0.0007 to $80.. And people made millions of dollars and the coin right now Is being adopted by massive companies.

 Guys smart money is to be made

I have used my network to identify massive pumps of coins in this space

This tiny coins are going to shake the world . am just being careful of the details I share so as for people not to outsmart me because a lot of people are using my intellectual property to make money to themselves So am locking up 97% information, 45% will be unlocked via zoom meeting for paid members of this special $10 million dollar group.

I am doing this to make it extremely easy for you all for you to get access to *Ifeanyi* platform in which this coins are being analysed. I placed the fee at a minimal Rate in which everyone can afford.. Well it’s not compulsory, you can be here also and be making awesome profits with signals being dropped but the remaining 8 coins won’t be dropped here. I am gonna share 2 of the coins for you Guys.  But the remaining 8 coins has the highest profits.

That’s enough to turn you a millionaire by just $500…

This tiny Cryptos trading for a penny will turn $500 to $5 million dollars

I Am having my top pick coins with some crypto enthusiast from Canada, Austria, US, UK and 4 other countries tonight. Like i said guys take the opportunities now.

This upcoming bull cycle can change your life forever..  Before I chose the name *crypto fortune* it dawned on me that lives will be changed via it. I Am giving you an awesome opportunity to act today… This is more than 1000% guaranteed in this coins.. Mark my word

My guarantees never fail.   Anything less than 1000% in this coins.  These coins will hit more than that. Ok guys my number 1 coin for free is coming soon

Go get your pen and paper ready.

The number one is *LINK*, it’s called chain link.

*LINK* that’s my number 1 pick. Its trading on Binance, Remember when buying it’s with btc pair so you choose LINK/BTC

Goggle and Oracle are currently using it right .

Many banks are using it via swift code.. Its the technology that powers a lot of bank Swift codes..

Every one of us right now on this crypto platform has a swift code. If you doubt me you can call your bank and ask for your swift code.  You will get it.. Chain link and this integrated together.. All banks all over the world has swift Code.  Chainlink has an ability to be my next Neo.

Chain link will be massive and if you are my group already u will see chain link has went up from 10200 sats to 36,800 sats since I called it . more than 300% made .

This information is not normal it happens once every 4 years!

Those who will join late may not see all this profits again like those Who are joined earlier but they will make profits but not as much as someone who joined earlier. Their is a script to this market and all coins are following it . am with the script right now as I type this and I know which coins will fail and those who that will survive. There will be massive losses Also for those who will not listen to my instruction.Why am doing this to help a lot of people? I know how many persons that told me not to reveal it to anyone.

This coin is working with blue chip companies.. Well I will release the name of the second coin

1000% at least guaranteed is sure.. Absolutely yes. If you miss this coins now you are missing a lot

The remaining 8 coins has the highest profit so far in this crypto space

The fastest way for you to join the $10 million platform is right now

Don’t miss an awesome opportunity like this . interested persons who wanna know this coins should private chat me now.

  There’s nothing in the world right now that you can put $500 right now that will even give u $500,000 in 10 years..  No business in the world will do it.

Hope you know bitcoin and crypto is at the hedge against so many government, if you know what I know in crypto u will be rest assured that crypto and Blockchain came to disrupt  a lot

Better learn how to mint money for yourself, your children and your family.

Simply hold these coins are take profit.

And make millions of dollars

This is the only window opportunity you can get in with little money and become rich

*TNT*  My number 2 pick.. Its trading on Binance. If you are buying you choose *TNT/BTC* pair.


I can’t give away this information for free because if I do, nobody will take it serious and value won’t be placed on it, I came to understand that people value what they pay for rather than freebies..  And secondly I paid huge sum of money for this, also did my research on it, tested it, made profits out of them before I decided to make it open to the general public.

*LINK* and *TNT* has done more than 300% and 800% this month alone when I called it the first day. Only a few joined immediately and today they are happy.. This is the last opportunity in which am gonna talk about this coins on this platform. Even my friends doesn’t know this..

This are Just for the 2 coins which are the least out of the remaining 8..

To get the remaining 8 coins, private chat me now, and don’t be fooled by others private chatting you that the know the info..

NOTE: There are scammers everywhere, hence there are only few people with the legit information about these coins.

I have taken time to explain all these, and today is the last day am gonna analyse it here.

Success everyone.. See you at the top✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈

All these information makes Cryptofortune different and unique from others!

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