A Lockdown Reflection


Lockdown reflection – From time immemorial, the dignity of humanity is tied to its ability to work, produce, interact, as well as create products and services. Alongside developing it’s mental, financial and social capacity. It is no wonder the term or phrase ‘lockdown’ keeps mankind in great awe. For it is what he can ‘figure out’ that massages his awareness as ‘being’. But for that which he can’t ‘figure out,’ he holds as suspicious. It is not surprising at all that the ‘being busy’ tendencies still hunt man like never before. Even in simple conversations, to be extolled as one with more sagacity, accuracy and knowledge. And, without giving room for silence, a pause and the voice of another to be heard is the nature of ‘being busy’.

lockdown reflection by Ogechi Ukatu

Lockdown Reflection – food for thought

Food for thought. If a man was not identified through the lens of his myriad of titles, is he still seen as a man?


To applaud callousness, nor debase work is not in any way the intention. To adopt a new way of thinking of which I too must do is the sole purpose of this piece. It stands to reason that the sage words of  Paul the Apostle “I know what it is to be in need and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want” (Phil4:12 NLT), is noteworthy.

It is not unusual to get caught up in the funk of becoming, that one pays little or no attention to the other one is becoming for. Little wonder the eternal riches; love and gratitude, have substitutes.

Bearing in mind the current global situation, it is without a doubt that its implied effect reiterates the words of Cardinal Sarah “I believe this epidemic has dispelled the smoke of illusion. The so-called all-powerful man appears in his raw reality. There he is naked. His weakness and vulnerability are glaring. Being confined to our homes will hopefully allow us to turn our attention back to the essentials. Also, to rediscover the importance of our relationship with God and the centrality of prayer in human existence. And, in the awareness of our fragility, to entrust ourselves to God and to His paternal mercy”.

What to do in a Lockdown

Therefore, reaching inwards, spiritual consciousness, establishing core values, embracing serenity. Also, clarity of perspectives, relaxation of the spirit, soul and body, questioning what truly matters, bonding with family. Including, playing for the sake of playing, being grateful for the times of plenty, adjusting gradually to the demands of the present. Or merely just sleeping or being in the moment, could be pivotal to quality and effective living.

Above all else, having the fortitude to rid oneself off of the labels of ‘being busy’. Also, basking in the euphoria of what is, is fair. For “when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”  Dr Wayne Dyer.


 Ogechi Ukatu


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