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2019 is finally here and I know you want to make more money than you already have.
How to make money in 2019 will enlighten you on what to do so that you will not repeat the same mistakes of 2018.
Everyone can make money only if they know how. Irrespective of the economy of the country, life and money will still respond to their principles.
You might have tried all you could to make money but they didn’t work out. This is because your mindset about how to make money has not changed.

Life and money have principles and you cannot break them and still expect positive results. You must let go of so many ways of thinking before you can start applying these principles. Do you always expect people to treat you in a certain way because you feel it’s your right? Kill that mindset. The day you accept that no one owes you anything, that is the day you start moving forward and begin to rely on wisdom to get what you want and need.

Do you have friends who only know how to catch fun and party but don’t know how to contribute ideas that can generate more money? If your answer is yes, it’s time to create a distance between you and them and change your cycle of friends. Associations matter if you must make money.
Do you like to stay in one place, never mingling with people, or participating in gatherings that have the potential of changing your life? Then it’s time to get off your comfort zone, the right network of people will bring you the right opportunities.

Do you know that money does not respond to hard work but smart work? If money responds to hard work then all these labourers and barrow pushers would be so wealthy by now.
Do you know that money is not a problem when you want to make money? Yes, the right network of people and the right utilization of opportunities will give you more money than you can think of.
This blog post will teach you workable principles that will make money for you in 2019 if applied diligently. Whether you are in the professional field or otherwise, the principles remain the same.

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The major principle of money is; “money responds to value.”
What do you have or can sell that people can pay you money for?
Every day, peoples’ needs increase, yet these people are ready to pay anyone who can meet their needs. No matter the situation of the economy, there are basic things people will always need, if you can provide it for them, they will pay you money for it. It’s that simple, yet not so simple.

There is something you can do or learn how to do that someone needs and is willing to pay for it. These days, most people cannot afford their wants but they definitely want their needs met in the most affordable way. If you really look around you and find a way to meet peoples’ needs at an affordable price then you can make money out of them.

Look at the wealthy people around the world; people like Aliko Dangote, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and so forth. These men found ways to meet a particular need in society and got money in returns for it.
 The idea might seem ridiculous in the beginning, but if you stick to it and can show people how it can solve their problem, they will pay you for it.

What can you do? What can you learn? Catering, shoemaking, hair making, writing, even your large following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can pay you if you know how to monetize them.


Most of the times, peoples’ major complaint is startup capital or money to learn a skill. In this digital age and time, money is not your problem instead inability to recognize opportunities and impatience are the problems. Your smartphone is the greatest gift this digital age has given us. We know how to chat our day away but we do not know how to take advantage of the loaded advantages it gives us. We have access to loads of information on the search engines, Youtube and social media platforms like Pinterest, yet we don’t know the value in them.

As long as you can find a way to buy data, you can learn the skill of your trade. Whenever you have data, don’t waste it on irrelevant chats and videos, use it to download videos and manuals for the skill you want to build on. Apart from youtube videos, there are websites that teach and give you certification for free, what they get in return is the traffic to their site which still gives them revenue making it a win-win.

You don’t need money to acquire a skill; you need access to the internet and your time. If watching videos on youtube is the problem because of the volume of data it consumes, then you go for the alternative, snap tube and Youtube go. With these two applications you can download small sized videos into your phone memory and watch them anytime you want.

Maximize your smartphone and learn a skill. The information you need is just a search button away.


Some of us have lots of following on our social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and we spend lots of our time and data checking out other peoples content. In the end, we have no money back guarantee. Just imagine converting your large following on social media to paying customers, won’t that be awesome? You can earn with your social media, click the link to my WhatsApp below to learn how.

Learn to give your time for free. Probably someone around you owns an outfit where they train people in skills you want to learn, learn to volunteer to help. Or you have learnt the skill but don’t have the money to start yours yet, learn to volunteer. Offer your services for free and do it well. The advantage is that you will put what you learnt to practice and you will be more exposed to chances of being discovered for what you can do. There are angel investors everywhere looking for whom to give capital to so that a percentage of the gains can come back to them monthly or yearly.

Now you that you have value to offer people, it’s time to learn how to monetize it. Search and search, then develop your own technique. Discover your market and how to reach it. Look around you and look online, then put what you have learnt to use. You will make mistakes, you might lose money, you might fail several times but in the end, you will learn the needful which is the end goal.

Learn how to promote yourself. Don’t keep quiet about what you can do. Tell everybody and anybody. Develop your personal elevation pitch so that when you introduce yourself to people they will know what you do within the first 30 seconds. Self-promotion is not prided it is an advertisement. If you do not promote yourself, others won’t know how to advertise what you do.
Learn how to break down what you can do in simple terms so that everyone can understand it.

New trends come out every day, and daily these trends evolve. There is a need to learn how to monetize the ongoing business trends.
Always check the market to see what is yielding a profit at that time then check how to take advantage of it. Before you start investing, understand how that investment market works. Don’t just carry your profits and savings into an investment opportunity that you do not understand how it fully works.
Whether you want to invest in forex or cryptocurrency, understand how they work first before you start so you don’t lose your hard earned money. The same opportunity that will give some people money, some people will still lose their money to it, so be wise.


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