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Did you know the easiest way to make money is by meeting the simplest needs of man? When you understand these needs and how to make money out of them you will be on your path to wealth creation in 2019. These simplest needs are in five categories;

physiological needs (what to eat, wear and where to live)
safety, security and order needs (job etc)
social needs
ego needs
self-actualization needs.
The next question on your mind should be; how to make money from the five major human needs in 2019.


 What do you have that someone can pay you money for? 

What can you do with your hands that can meet people’s needs? 

What can you do that can make life easier for people? 

People will pay you money for making life easier for or for answering the questions they really need answers to.

 In an economy where things are getting harder and more expensive, people will appreciate it when you can make them get what they need at affordable prices.

People will always need what to eat, what to wear and wear to live and they will even patronize you more frequently if you can provide these needs at an affordable price.

Look at your immediate environment, how can you meet this basic needs? 

What do they really need? Then think of what you can do to meet those needs, they will pay you money just because you saved then the stress of an option that would have cost them more.

 There are people that their needs are just PHYSIOLOGICAL, they just need cheap food, cheap cloth and cheap house.
If You can make simple food or snacks that they can afford, you can sell some of your clothes that you have not worn in a while at a cheaper price than they would have bought it, then you have won them over.

 With little capital, you can help them find housing or rent that will provide shelter from the natural elements and still be affordable.

If you can sell foodstuff to people at a cheaper price, you will have more customers trooping that you will need more hands to assist you.

The children of people in this category (physiological needs) have to go to school.
Imagine if you start offering tutoring classes to their kids at a very cheap price or help them prepare for a major exam? You will definitely start making money from it, especially if there are records of success from your tutoring. Eventually, more people will trust you with their kids, before you know it you will have enough to start school.

Some persons need SAFETY, SECURITY AND ORDER/STABILITY. They can afford the simple physiological need but they need something to keep them busy. People need jobs that can assure them that they can meet the simple needs of life.
When a person has a roof over his head, clothe to wear and food to eat they will start thinking of stability, order and safety.
Examples of businesses under this category: barbing salon, provision of water especially in dry seasons when there is water scarcity, hair salon and so forth. 

Some persons have physiological needs and stability but they want their SOCIAL NEEDS met.

After the hectic activities of the day or week, people want to cool off, have a little fun with friends, people want to live a little. 
Examples of businesses in this category: Entertainment areas, football viewing centre, recharge cards  (100,200,500 naira), inexpensive amusement park, bars etc,
 You can also open an affordable spa, sell sports wears, beauty products, accessories and so forth.
For some persons, all the above needs are not their problem but they have EGO NEEDS. That is they want provisions that can satisfy or show their status and prestige.
In this case, Find out what people like to wear or have to upgrade or show off their status and prestige. 
For Example: sell designer perfumes, designer apparels, affordable cars etc.
 When the ego needs are met, humans want to meet their SELF ACTUALIZATION NEEDS. This means that they need things like building a house, political positions, or anything that will prove their worth or establish how far they have come in life. 
When you can help they acquire more properties, or build houses or attain some political positions, they will pay you money for it.

The catch here is, to look around you and look for a need and meet them, people will pay you money for it. Another thing you must learn is how to make the products and services you offer standout. 
Find out what can make you different that people will always need, find out what only you can offer. 

Ask yourself, what is that unique quality that will make someone buy your product and services? 
You should have an edge in a market that already has competition or you can find your own market. 

Wealth creation is for creative and smart working people. you must be willing to be flexible with ideas and trends.

Customer satisfaction and customer relationship management is the key to making extra money.
 Satisfied customers will always refer you.
All customers and clients are not the same, learn to handle them individually.
The first thing you need is not money but an idea that has a commercial value.
 Research how to monetize your idea.
You have to take charge of your future, only you are responsible for your life. 

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