It’s time to learn so many new things, adjust what we knew and unlearn some others.
I believe writers or those who want to make impact with writing are intentional people.
I’m a writer, a content and creative writer with Google certification in digital skills
I have done a lot of ghostwriting, audio transcripts and content development…
And a host of others..
This post is to give you insight on how to monetize your writing from the wealth of my experience… So far so good..
So.. you will get (take this as a mini course on writing)

I asked a question one tine…. Why should someone pay you to write?
I got some answers but the one that stood out the most was from Osas who indicated “value” in his answer.
I believe that some of us are either writers, or aspiring writers. If you are going to make it in writing, you must constantly do these four things:
A. Always give value before money
B. Consistency
C. Pursue growth
D. Think possibilities
For the first one, value is more important than your intellect or the money. If you give your client value they will always come back for more.
When I started writing for money, I gave value first for cheaper pay and when you come back with more clients or more work, the price increases to match the value…
Second one is consistency
It’s hard to be consistent especially in the present economy…
But the truth is, without consistency you won’t make it in the market. Don’t give up after a few trials and say it didn’t work for you…

These principle always work if you consistently apply them, no matter how many times you don’t get results.
I know how many times I made mistakes but I chose to learn from them so I can deliver better the next time.
So whatever you learn here today, make sure you apply them consistently.
3rd one is: pursue growth.
Now, here is where I will lay emphasis…
We are in a digital world… And the digital trends increase in leaps and bounds.
The most interesting thing is that it favors the writers..
You know why?
You can start making money without initial capital like most businesses.
And I always encourage people to Start small. Dont wait till you have loads of money before you can pursue your dreams I believe there is always an easy place to start from
The last key focus is
Always think possibilities…
One of the things that has helped me is I am self-motivated
I don’t wait for praise or criticism…. I go ahead and look for answers no matter what. The truth is there is always a way to get what you want
If you have not found it, then there is still a place you are yet to look
Keep searching…
Always think possibilities.

Now to start earning as a writer

You need just three things:
Your smartphone, an internet access, and laptop or desktop (not compulsory)
Most of us have smartphones…. If you have a smartphone and can buy data you can kickstart your writing career.
Truth is I started with zilch, nothing.. just my smartphone… I believed the internet has a lot to offer me more than just chatting my life a way so I found it.


I will give you a list of most of the ways that you branch into and make it your key focus of writing and earning…
Ad copy
Advertorials / sponsored content
Annual reports
Audio scripts
Blog posts
Book back cover copy
Book Proposals
Booklets / pamphlets
Books (ghostwritten)
Business / industry reports
Business letters
Business plans
Calls to action
Case Studies
Children’s books
Clinical reports
Comic books
Comic strips / cartoons
Consumer magazine articles
Contracts and other legal documents
Course supplements
Cover letters
Curated content
Direct mail pieces
E-books and guides
Email marketing copy
Employee manuals
Fact sheets
Family histories
Flash fiction
FliersForms and worksheets
Game script
Grant proposal

Infographic content
Job descriptions
Jokes / satire
Knowledge base content / FAQsLanding commentary
Marketing plans
Media advisories
Medical documentation
Mission statements
Newsletter articles
Newspaper articles (journalism)
Nonfiction books (other than those already listed)
Online features

Plays and/ or Poetry

Position papers
Presentation scripts
Presentation slides
Press kit / Media roomcontent
Press releases
Product descriptions
Product Manuals
Product packaging copy
Public service announcements
Real estate listing copy
Repair manuals
Sales letters
Scientific / technical reports
SEO web content
Short bios (professionals, musicians, etc.)
Short stories
Slogans and taglines
Social media profiles
Social media updates
Summaries (of books, events, audio, etc.)
Survey / poll questions
Technical spec sheets
Television scripts
Test questions
Trade publication articles
Travel guides
Video scripts web copy
White papers

Personally, I picked a few, and I focused on them.

Another thing I do is to format and publish ebooks for myself and for others…. For money of course.

There is another way to write and earn that few is aware of… And that is cryptocurrency

Very few persons know that you can earn money by writing crypto currency related content and then post it on platforms where you earn whenever anyone likes your content….like steemit

So to our next point


1. As a freelancer

One of the ways I started earning was a freelancer. I got the word out that I can write…
I started looking for people who needed assistance with one writing or the other… I surfed the web… I started writing for myself…
I made my first 10 Dollars for writing 250 word short story.
It might not seem like much but it meant a lot to me then. It encouraged me to do more
And just like that…
There are so many freelance platforms you can earn from.
How many of us know Fiverr?
My friend has made over 3000 Dollars on fiverr
As a freelance writer
And I am following in his footstep… Fiverr gives you opportunity to earn as a writer or as anything  as long as it’s doable and it doesn’t require physical meeting
I have earned on Fiverr.. it took patience and learning how it works
I had to do free jobs for one or two persons on the platform but I learned.

You can check it out later using this link

And you can register later..
I can coach you on the needful steps… Send me a message here

Another way to earn as a freelancer is by creating contents for people.

Eg. For social media…

People don’t have the time to write but they can pay you to just put things together for them…
Also, you must learn to announce/promote yourself that you are a writer and you know your onions…

The second way you can monetize any of your writing ability is by writing about what people need.

Search engines is the best thing that happened to this generation.

As a writer you can take advantage of it… I will show you how to do content marketing, for web.
Remember, writing for web is different from writing for print.

Ways to provide information that people need and make money as a writer

Social media: social media is a pot of gold, yet a lot of us can burn data commenting or liking. It’s time to monetize your data. I already told you, you can start creating content for social media, you can start information that people need., You can become an influencer on social media… Stop marveling about your 10k followers and turn them to money…

Another one is blogging:
Now people will tell you that you need money to start.
I want to tell you that if don’t have enough to start big on blogging start small
I know the easiest way to start and I can show you
There are two major platforms you can utilize…. Blogger and WordPress.

People will always tell you that WordPress is better. It is better indeed but only if you have money and can afford it.
I encourage people to start with Blogger. You can buy your domain name and host for free on Blogger.

One of the best thing about bloBlog is that when your traffic increases, Google will start placing ads on your blog and start paying you for  it. Check out my blog at 360LIFE BLOG

You can blog about anything… I can show you how to start.

Another way to earn is: through writing and selling ebooks

I told you that we are blessed with internet in this generation.
You don’t have to go to any publishing house to publish your books. If you have a smartphone, internet and or access to a laptop or desktop, you are good to go,
You can SELF-PUBLISH and earn lots of funds.
Infact most people online make money by selling digital materials that contains information that people need.
Personally most of my books are ebooks
I can’t remember the last time I read a hardcopy book.
My digital library now is stock with books and it’s that easy.
You don’t even need to write a 100-page book.
You can write powerhpacked 20 pages and it will sell like never before.
I will show you how to do this. Just click here
PlayStore is filled with apps that will assist you as a writer.
You have gold in your smartphone. Use it.

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