Copywriting is the ability to use written words to persuade someone to take action, either to promote sales or buy sales. According to Dan Lok, copywriting can be described as “closing” in print, it is the ability to persuade, influence and engage. Copywriting isn’t just about writing down words, you must be passing a message or should double up revenue. With copywriting you can have a flexible schedule, choose your clients and work remotely from anywhere. It does not require a degree or capital to start up with. You also need a MENTOR.


Copywriting Freelancing

In order to start a freelance copywriter, you mustn’t be a classically trained writer or have a certificate in the English language. All you need is empathy, creativity and passion for writing to be able to communicate through words. With that, you lay around the tactics, strategies and the conversion principles and psychology.

To be a freelance copywriter you must study, learn from the best of the best so you can improve. Also, be crystal clear on what you are offering, you must be clear on the difference between copywriting and content writing. And also be clear of the types of client you want to serve. Example; you can write about pets, personal development. You must also build your online portfolio because that’s how your client will be able to find you. Also, be sincere about every single word you type there. For example, have social media links like Instagram , Linkedin, Facebook etc.

content writing

Differences between Copywriting and content writing

Purpose: copywriting is written with the key purpose of creating a conversion or sale example a webinar script or a sales letter while content writing is written to create an engagement example blog-post

Direction: copywriting is extremely one-directional, it’s linear and intentional – the words must be enticing to make the reader want to read the next sentence. While content writing is multi-directional, its like conversation between two friends.

Goal: copywriting should increase conversion rate and ultimately increase revenue while content writing brands loyalty. The goal is to build more likes, share and add goodwill and value to a business.

Every business needs content and copywriting to broaden loyalty and value and it makes it easier to sell.


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