Comr. Solomon K. Iwuchukwu “baba for the best”

Comr Solomon K. Iwuchukwu is an Industrial chemist, Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist with a sincere desire to help the needy from IMO state Mbaitoli Local Government Area.
He is a man who looks forward to reaching out to the less privileged, poor, and oppressed people. Solomon believes in giving the best and that why he is popularly known as (BABA For The BEST International).

Baba for the best visit to the motherless babies home.

Comr. Solomon’s Viewpoint about charity

Generally, wealthy people are known to give to charity. But, Solomon is of the notion that giving should be a part of everyone. Also, he believes that giving is more of a mindset than the state of the pockets. Worldwide, philanthropists give out more than ever to help causes around the world and youths are not left out. Philanthropists are putting time and money into tackling pressing problems. Comr. Solomon is living proof that young people can make and be the difference in their society.

Charity is an effort of love and compassion and this is what Baba for the best is known for. Comr Solomon is a true man of the people. He is an example to young people; his exemplary commitment to making a positive difference in his environment is one to be applauded. The secret of living is giving. If you know how to give, you will bless a lot of people along the way.

comr. solomon

It’s not about how much you give but how you give. He is an example to young people; his exemplary acts of kindness is one to be applauded.

In his own words, “The character qualities I have tried to incorporate into my life have been compassion, humility, kindness, and selflessness. Through various charitable endeavours, I have met incredibly inspiring individuals. With this, I encourage people to focus on leading a compassionate life.”

Think Outside the box like Comr. Solomon

Comr. Solomon Iwuchukwu has made contact with impressive people through various charitable endeavours over the years. He wants to “give back” to his environment and the people in any way that he can. Not only will you find every charitable endeavour by Comr. Solomon uplifting, you will also be inspired. It may touch your heart or strike a chord within your soul that enables you to “think outside the box.”

5 qualities that set Comr. Solomon apart from the rest

His altruism

He selfless concern for the welfare of others especially the less privileged and does everything in his capacity to alleviate the struggles of others without seeking anything for their own personal benefit. As a true altruistic comrade, he makes the difference in the life of people without expecting compensation.


Comr. Solomon is empathetic toward the struggles of others. He feels an obligation to do what is in his power to minimize the struggles of others especially the less privileged in his community.

Social awareness

He is completely aware of his immediate environment, ready to oppose new ideas that are not great for his community. Also, he is a great listener, who doesn’t seek his own way but tries to understand the motivation of people.

Great foresight

Comr. Solomon wants to make a positive change in the world starting with his immediate community. He tends to look far into the future before making a decision today. Because he understands the impact of any decision one makes today in the lives of people around him. He believes that making a lasting impact on society is better than temporarily fixing a problem.

As an encouragement

Comr. Solomon recognizes opportunities for impact and directs his efforts accordingly. In order to make any significant societal change, it is crucial to address underlying structural issues by investing in long-term solutions. At the end of the day, the less privileged suffer more than the rest.

I hope that you’ll give back to your own family, community and environment just like Comr. Solomon Iwuchukwu.

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Good work sir!!!! Your pockets won’t run dry

Nice one dear…may God’s blessings never elude u,may u live to prosper,may u live to be celebratedmay God blind the eyes of the enemies over ur lifemay every evil planned against u be destroyedi come against every unfriendly friend in ur lifeGod has created u for a purpose and u shall live to fulfill destinyur life shall never be cut shortu will leave to testify the goodness of the lord in the land of the leaving and nations shall call u blessedu are blessed beyond measuresur blessings shall create noise in due timeu are blessedshine on for thy lord is with thee…..Gift Nation cares

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