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Offering you value that you cannot deny and showing you how to monetize your skills


VALUCOP GLOBAL is my (Victoria Ukpaka) business brand, registered with Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria. We offer top-notch content related products and services, capacity building trainings, blockchain related content and services, including relevant skills for today’s trends.
We have a proven record of offering value in content, digital skills, blockchain, capacity building and every other service targeted to increasing your relevance and achieving your desired purpose.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver value you cannot deny in the form of content related products and services. We also train you on how to stay relevant in today’s changing world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise intentional generation through content, training and services.


Our Goals

Our goals (short and long term) are targeted towards our vision and mission and they are achieved  through Trainings: We train and build capacities in content, blockchain technology, digital skills and relevant skills that will put you at an advantage in today’s world.


We offer products that will teach you and offer undeniable and long lasting value.


Our top-notch services are meant to meet your content related needs, answer your blockchain related questions, project you forwards and keep you relevant with our continuous updated abilities.


One of the purpose of anything we engage in is to make money. We are committed to showing you how to monetize all you do including writing.


All of our services in one place!

Content creation and development

Creative Writing (poetry and short stories)


Blockchain Technology

Audio transcription


Ebook formatting and Online publishing

Capacity building

Monetization of skills

Digital skills

Training in relevant trending skills



Value for your money.

Long term support as you achieve your goals.




Bonuses and access to opportunities.

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Victoria Ukpaka is a self-motivated Creative (poetry and short stories) and content writer, Google certified in digital skills.
She is skilled in content development and creation, ebook formatting and Online publishing, ghostwriting, audio transcription, blockchain technology, public relations.

Victoria Ukpaka is currently pursuing Masters degree in public health (in view).
She is certified as a human resource for health from Global health e-learning centre.
She is a multi award winning creative writer from Association of Nigerian Student Authors.

She has written some books which include; Simple Guide to Self-publishing, Essentials of Blockchain, Understanding Bitmex, Gray lines (collection of poetry) etc. All the books are available on Amazon, Okadabooks, Kobo etc.
She has a track record of delivering valuable writings (creative and content creation). She loves impacting and imparting values and skills that will set you apart and enrich your pockets. The goal is to teach you how to live deliberately and intentionally.

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“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.”
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